Body talk

With this T4T tutorial, students learn to use physical gestures, facial expressions, and body posture to enhance their message when speaking. They develop an understanding of the messages we convey through our physical actions, the body techniques used to convey messages or to enhance communication, and the value of applying this strategy in a variety of circumstances. This tutorial includes instructional suggestions for teachers (introducing the strategy, practicing the strategy, reinforcing the strategy, applying the strategy to everyday teaching, and assessing use of the strategy) and resources for students (introductory activities, data charts, student guide and self-assessment rubric).

Cross-curricular, Family studies / Sociology
Targeted grade range:
Intermediate (4-6), Middle (7-9), Senior (10-12)
Adaptable grade range:
Primary (K-3)
Type of lesson:
Fully developed lesson plan
Intellectual tool:
Thinking strategies: Investigate
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