Independent mindedness

With this T4T tutorial, students make up their own mind rather than simply accepting what others believe. They develop an understanding of the importance of recognizing what it means to be independent minded; determining factors that influence our ability to make up our own minds; and reaching independent-minded conclusions in various circumstances. This tutorial includes instructional suggestions for teachers (introducing terms, identifying attributes of concepts, recognizing reasons consistent with making up one's own mind, understanding factors that may prevent making up one's own mind, applying concepts in everyday teaching, and assessing student understanding) and resources for students (introductory activities, data chart, student guide and self-assessment rubric).

Cross-curricular, Family studies / Sociology, Health / Physical education, Politics / Civics / Activism, Science, Technology / Business
Targeted grade range:
Intermediate (4-6), Middle (7-9), Senior (10-12)
Adaptable grade range:
Primary (K-3)
Type of lesson:
Fully developed lesson plan
Intellectual tool:
Habits of mind
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